An unhealthy first week of the semester

Pic from wikipedia.

Alright, it’s been back to university this week. As you can see on the above picture, my school isn’t the prettiest building in town. But nevertheless it is a quite good one.

I started off the week with consumer behaviour this Monday, Tuesday was PR and today, Friday, was Brand Advertisting Strategies. Was a bit scared that I would get weird tutors, but it turned out good, and I think this might be a pretty nice semester. Only problem now is that I must convince myself that Friday afternoon still is study time. Unfortunately, I’m having a very hard time doing that.

Now I’m gonna try to figure out what to eat for Friday-dinner. This week has been horrible in terms of healthy eating so far, with Nando’s Monday, Domino’s Tuesday, KFC Wednesday, Starbucks Thursday, and today, well I haven’t eaten anything yet today and the time is 3 pm. Shame on me. The healthiest thing I’ve had so far is probably tacos yesterday which actually included some fresh vegetables.

Okay, have a good weekend everyone!


About paulovertheworld

Swedish food and travel lover that has lived and studied communications in Sydney, Australia. Now back in Sweden trying to figure out what to do with my life, combined with visiting as many new countries as possible. Founder of and
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