I’m a lousy blogger

I know, I know. I’m ashamed. I should really try to write more, but uni is taking up much of the time for the moment, and the rest of the time I’m reading wikitravel and dreaming of not having anything to do again, which I btw hated just a few weeks ago.

Well what’s new… We’ve been to Din Tai Fung a few times eating their fantastic xialongbao pork dumplings. We also went to the Rocks two weeks ago and had kangaroo pizza at the Australian Hotel. Managed to trick Sandra into having a few beers with the pizza which was funny. We also celebrated St. Patrick’s Day at a place called Sticky Bar, it was in an alley close to where Crown street and Oxford street cross each other. Nice place. Lots of men though. Well, I’m a man of course, but the man-to-girl ratio was a little high, but otherwise a really nice place.

Now I’m mostly concerned with us moving to Pyrmont this weekend and to decide whether we’re going to Noosa for the mid semester break or not… and of course with all the uni stuff I have to do before the break as well.

Oh well, all in all I’m good. In about three more months we’re off to Thailand and Taiwan which I think will be great. See you again in less than a month.


About paulovertheworld

Swedish food and travel lover that has lived and studied communications in Sydney, Australia. Now back in Sweden trying to figure out what to do with my life, combined with visiting as many new countries as possible. Founder of Foodetc.se and Scandinaviafood.com
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